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Economy Oil Spill Clean Up Oil Absorbent Pads and Rolls

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The economy oil spill clean up absorbent pads and rolls are a cost effective sorbent for oil spills. These efficient absorbent pads absorb all petroleum based fluids including solvents, solvent based paints, vegetable oils and many other non soluble chemicals and repels water based liquids. These pads are made of quick wicking meltblown polypropylene. Our oil absorbent pads work equally well on land or water... it even floats when fully saturated. Great product for absorbing oil sheen on water. Large diameter meltblown polypropylene fibers create a lofty pad that allows it to absorb up to 42.8 oz per 15"x19" pads and 63.4 gallons per heavy weight roll. The bright white color makes it easy to see when the pad is completely saturated, which saves you money by not throwing it away too soon. Economy oil absorbent pads are not perforated nor are they dimpled. Please see our high performance absorbent pads for perforated and dimpled pads and rolls

Item Description
WP100H Economy Oil Absorbent Pads Heavy Weight, 15"x19", 100/case, abs. 33.4 gal/case, 14.4 lbs.
WP100M Economy Oil Absorbent Pads Medium Weight, 15"x19", 100/case, abs. 26.7 gal/case, 11.3 lbs.
WP200S Economy Oil Absorbent Pads Light Weight, 15"x19" 200/case, abs. 35.7 gal/case, 15.3 lbs.
WPK50H Economy Oil Absorbent King Pads Heavy Weight, 30"x30" 50/case, abs. 52.8 gal/case., 22.6 lbs.
WRS150H Economy Oil Absorbent Rolls Heavy Weight, 15"x150', Absorbs 62.4 Ga. per case.,2/rolls, 29 lbs
WR150H Economy Oil Absorbent Rolls Heavy Weight, 30"x150', Absorbs 63.4 Ga. per case., 1/roll, 29 lbs

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