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Static Resistant Oil Absorbent Pads & Rolls

padsoilstatic (9K)

Deploy Static Resistant Oil Only Pads and Rolls around flammable liquids and where static electricity poses hazard. Suitable for arctic and desert climates. Our static resistant pads are great for diesel fuels. Repels water based liquids. Sold by the case or roll.

Item Description
WPX25H Static Resistant Absorbent Pads (Heavy), 17"x19"x3/8" 25/case, abs. 9.5 gal/cAsE, 5 lbs.
WPX50S Static Resistant Absorbent Pads (Lt. Wgt.), 17"x19"x3/16" 50/case, abs. 9.5 gal/cAsE, 5 lbs.
WRSX144H Static Resistant Absorbent Rolls (Narrow) 19"x144'x3/8" 2/rolls, abs. 77 gal/CAsE, 34 lbs.
WRX144H Static Resistant Absorbent Roll (Wide), 38"x144'x3/8" 1/roll, abs. 56 gal/CASE., 34 lbs.

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