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Spill Cleanup Absorbent Pads with Backing

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"A unique polypropylene backing prevents liquids from leaking through this quick wicking absorbent pad."

The Spill Cleanup Absorbent Pads with a non-penetrable backing keeps shops cleaner and safer by preventing oil and other spills and leaks from contacting the floor.

Patented layers use a highly absorbent cellulose core to lock in liquids.

These pads will withstand hot oil up to 210 degrees F. Strong, durable construction eliminates risk of pad falling apart or tearing.

These Spill Cleanup Absorbent Pads are designed for all work areas and eliminate the need for expensive shop rags or laundered towel services. These absorbent pads, made with a patented process, absorb water, greases, oils and other mechanical fluids plus they are easily disposable. Professional automotive and boat mechanics and weekend home mechanics alike will appreciate the versatility, performance and exceptional absorbency of pad for even the toughest jobs.

Item Description
PBGPF50H Spill Cleanup Absorbent Pads with Backing. 15" X 19" PADS, 50/case, Absorbs 8 Gallons per case, 9 LBS.
PBGRF100H Spill Cleanup Absorbent Roll with Backing. 30" X 100' ROLL. Absorbs 18 Gallons per roll, 20 LBS.

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